Global Tier 1 Bank reduces business loan approval times by 90%

Global market-leading bank transforms their receivable finance offering to fast-track access to funds for businesses, reducing 'time to cash' from 120 days down to just three days.

1.5 hours
time to 'yes' down from 44 days
countries live
increase in asset distribution
Trade Ledger is a unique innovation vendor with a very mature architecture that aligns with, and in many instances is ahead of, the banks’ future-state architecture.
Chief Architect
Global Tier 1 Bank

The goal

Significantly reduce the abandonment rate of loan applications by transform their receivable finance business from end-to-end, including the implementation of a more efficient, sustainable and accurate credit decisioning process.

The idea

Digitise and automate the lending journey through data aggregation and enrichment with an automated workflow and credit assessment and decisioning solution.

The impact we made

Trade Ledger technology delights Tier 1 Bank customers with a 10 minute application journey.

The once complex and heavily manual loan origination process was transformed by consolidating legacy siloed systems & processes onto Trade Ledger's modern component-based, cloud-native architecture. In 2020 this Tier 1 Bank rolled out an integrated borrower and lending staff engagement channel with workflow, documents, messaging, task management and user management orchestration in one place.

This has dramatically improved credit decisioning and reduced the time to cash. Automated risk controls using new alternative data sources dramatically improved credit decisioning & fraud assessment with the elimination of most paper-based documents from internal processes.

The Tier 1 Bank solution makes use of the following two platform modules:

  • Origination & Customer Engagement - This module allows lenders to originate any commercial loan product.
  • Risk Assessment & Collateral Management - This module allows lenders to run credit decision / credit risk assessment activities.

Using data and tech to reimagine the world of receivables finance

  • Dedicated customer engagement channel to easily identify and communicate with potential customers embedded within their existing digital channels.
  • Collect and analyse data to inform risk exposure and credit decisioning process.
  • Support business credit checks and fraud prevention.
  • Perform analysis and make a decision to extend a credit facility under terms for which the applicant qualifies.
  • Monitor compliance against policies to measure exposure.
  • Set maximum allowable credit limit based on real-time data (for an individual or entity).
  • Standardised risk workflows for debtor and credit risk  analysis with consistent governance and rules applied.
  • Automated accounting data extracts from borrower accounting systems via integrated API.

Tangible outcomes

  • Front to back-office staff ratio has halved from 1:2 down to 1:1
  • 10 min application with no paperwork - previously 21 days.
  • 1.5 hours to complete credit decisioning and make an offer - previously 44 days.
  • 3 days to on-board document and fulfil - previously 120 days.

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