Business Finance Predictions 2022

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What should lenders pay attention to in 2022?

Experts from top banks and fintechs to tech giants and consultancies, share their thoughts in the Business Finance Predictions 2022 report.

Industry thought leaders from across the business finance ecosystem spoke with us about the big changes coming up this year.

There are still huge opportunities to take in data, with new sources and insights available, enabling real-time and forward-looking risk analysis. Customers could experience instant gratification. And partnerships between lenders, merchants, fintechs and others will deepen. How will your organisation respond?

Discover what’s in store for the industry this year. Read the report now.

Top 5 business finance trends in 2022

  • Staying relevant through digital transformation and tech partnerships
  • Customer-first lending journeys
  • Better, more cost-effective credit decisions
  • Forward-looking business models
  • Building a sustainable future
"Banks and alternative lenders will need to adjust their business models for a world where the last few years of data can’t be relied on"

-- Conrad Ford, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Allica Bank

"Technology may not be visible to customers, but its benefits are. The world is digital-first and therefore our solutions must be cloud-native, API-first, built for robustness and scale"

-- Leda Glyptis, Chief Client Officer, 10x Banking

"No business owner ever woke up in the morning and said that they’re excited about applying for a forfaiting product”

-- Martin McCann, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Trade Ledger

Thank you to the organisations that contributed to the report

Explore the top five business finance trends - read our report now

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