Business lending technology Buyers' Guide

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The ultimate guide to choosing a better system for lending to businesses

If you’re a business lender, and want to improve the way you lend to businesses including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), or launch new finance products, how do you choose the right technology platform? This guide sets out the most important questions to ask potential vendors, and what to look out for in their answers. The questions explore current capabilities, and adaptability to future changes in your business and the markets you operate in. You’ll find the guide useful if you’re a leader in IT/digital, change/transformation, or procurement, at a bank or alternative finance provider.

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The guide will help with major change programmes, as well as smaller projects such as setting up a new product. It sets out:

  • Key market trends
  • The benefits you should expect
  • Questions you may wish to put to vendors, and what to look out for in their answers

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