Data-driven lending โ€” the engine for truly scalable growth

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Explore how data-driven lending can solve the SME funding shortfall and catalyze the future of Open Finance

Stretching between $1.5 trillion to $5.4 trillion, the SME funding gap highlights the breaking points in accessing โ€“ and dispensing โ€“ loan capital.

Bridging the gap is essential.

And there's not just a lack of working capital - borrowers have to commit hours to making a loan application, more than half of applications are abandoned, and even if the loan is approved it's a long wait for drawdown.

But in spite of persistent challenges like these, thereโ€™s now a practical solution to this global issue that neither lenders nor borrowers can afford to ignore. Download our free white paper now and discover how data unlocks opportunities.

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Make better-informed, quicker, and better-priced lending decisions

See how data-driven lending unlocks opportunities for credit providers to:

  • Overcome historical data asymmetries between lenders and borrowers
  • Capitalize on the proliferation of data sources โ€“ and access them in real-time
  • Adapt to the dematerialization of physical goods and services used as collateral
  • Achieve operational efficiency by orchestrating tools and processes
  • Automatically structure and tailor loans to the borrowerโ€™s profile


Download your copy now.

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