Trade Legend Spotlight with Emily Lloyd-Penny

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"I thought that I would get greater levels of opportunities and exposure at Trade Ledger, so took the leap to the fintech world and have never looked back."

- Emily Lloyd-Penny, VP of Solutions Consulting at Trade Ledger

In preparation for International Women's day tomorrow, we would like to showcase some of our real female superstars who make things happen.

We are kicking off our series of Trade Legend Spotlight blog posts with a conversation with Emily Lloyd-Penny. Find out what she does day-to-day, her proudest achievements and what she's looking forward to in the coming year.

What do you do at Trade Ledger?

Until a few months ago, I ran the Customer Success function at Trade Ledger. I was accountable for the customer experience, once Sales had signed them as a customer. I’m now building out a new pre-sales function as VP of Solutions Consulting - and am hiring - details below. I work closely with Sales to make sure our platform addresses customers’ needs as they get close to signing up with us.

That’s exciting. Can you tell me more about your vision for the pre-sales team?

My team equips the Sales team with detailed product and roadmap information. And we bring the voice of the customer into our product development process. This will allow us to continue to delight customers now and into the future.

Why did you decide to join the business in the first place?

I joined 3 and a half years ago. I’d been working for a consultancy on an Open Banking commercialisation project which was particularly interesting to me. Then Roger Vincent, who is now Trade Ledger’s Managing Director of UK and Ireland, pitched Trade Ledger and its purpose to drive positive change in the world by reinventing how business lending works. I felt I could continue to work on Open Finance but also be part of a very ambitious, rapidly growing business. There were only 10 people at Trade Ledger at that point. Now we’re over 100 employees across Sydney and London offices and plan to expand rapidly, so it has been quite a journey of growth!

I thought that I would get greater levels of opportunities and exposure at Trade Ledger, so took the leap to the fintech world and have never looked back.

That’s really inspiring, thank you, Emily. What do you like the most about working at Trade Ledger?

It might sound like a cliche, but it’s the combination of making a difference to our customers and their customers, alongside some amazing colleagues. Working in a company where you are surrounded by so many passionate individuals, who want to make a difference and work towards the same business goals, is really exciting and fun.

What was the most inspiring project you’ve led or been a part of at Trade Ledger so far?

Delivering our tech to the world’s largest global trade bank. We started that journey when we were just 15 people, over 3 years ago. I still remember the thrill of going to Hong Kong, having a workshop with the bank’s team and agreeing the initial proof-of-value exercise.

Many ups and downs came with trying to work as a small, nimble company supplying a global corporate bank.

Going from those early-stage workshops with post-it notes everywhere to now seeing our solution live in numerous countries around the world, with more to come this year, has been the most inspiring thing. Seeing the hugely positive reaction from the staff that are using the system, and being part of this project from inception all the way through to go-live in multiple countries, has been really rewarding.

What do you want your team to focus on in the next 12 to 24 months?

We’re sharing knowledge from the Product team and C-Suite with the wider sales team and our customers.

We’re developing our demo environment to show customers what we do and how their business can benefit from the Trade Ledger Platform.

What’s coming up for you this year?

I am very excited to be visiting potential customers in Singapore, then my Australian colleagues in Sydney. It will be very exciting for us to finally meet and shake each other's hands. I hope to see a bit of Australia as well!

Want to find out more about working with us at Trade Ledger? Check out our Careers page.

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